02 Nov 2023


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



Workshop Dates: 2nd & 23rd November 2023

Gender is still viewed through a binary and colonial lens in much of psychotherapy, creating narrowed possibilities for therapists and clients alike. Using intersectionality, allyship and use of self-practices creates expansive possibilities when talking about gender, sexuality, and other precious elements of selfhood. This training aims to expand your clinical tools for working with LGBTQI+ people and beyond. 

Over two days we will explore how, historically, psychotherapy has introduced and perpetuated pathologizing practices when working alongside LGBTQI+ people, and how we can undo the legacy of these practices in our work. We will explore how the sociocultural landscape continues to show up in therapy today and how to respond to and interweave these contexts into our work so that we might produce better therapeutic relationships and client outcomes. We’ll explore theories and tools we can use in our practice to better meet the needs of our LGBTQI+ clients. 

Over the two days we will cover:
The history of LGBTQI+ people in psychotherapy.
Depathologising practices in clinical work.
Our reflexive relationship to gender and sexuality.
Use of self-practices and the therapeutic relationship.
Intersectionality as a therapeutic device.
Allyship inside and outside the therapy room.

Learning outcomes:
By the end of the two days participants will be able to;
Talk about how oppression shows up in counselling and psychotherapy.
Utilise de-pathologizing practices.
Understand and use different theories of gender and sexuality in clinical work.
Reflexively engage with their and their clients diverse genders and sexualities.
Know the theories behind and utilise the tools of Use the Self practices (Eg: Self and relational reflexivity, location of self-practices, intersectionality as a therapeutic device).
Engage in meaningful allyship with LGBTQI+ community. 


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  • Amanda Middleton
    Amanda Middleton
    CPD Contributor

    AMANDA MIDDLETON is a white queer antipodean Systemic Psychotherapist. A member of the LGBTQI community since coming out as a mouthy lesbian in her teenage years, Amanda has passionately fought to put queer lives at the centre of knowledge-making for more than 20 years. Loads of elements of her life have attuned her to be especially interested in power, so she finds her self thinking a lot about use of self practices, how intersectionality informs therapeutic talk and co-creating metaphors that honour queer resilience. Amanda works as a Relationship Therapist at The Pink Practice, trainer and supervisor at Gendered Intelligence and teaches on a range of Family Therapy trainings in the UK. She has specialised in working with LGBTQI communities, families and relationships as it is where she finds the most joy.

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