What can I do if I am unhappy about how the plan is being implemented?

Following the usual complaints procedures, addressing any issues with Directors first, you can then complain directly to the Board of Trustees as is congruent with the current complaints procedure as outlined in the Complaints policy. For those students on a validated university course, there is an appeals procedure via the University of Bedfordshire. This is […]

What arrangements will you put in place to communicate

What arrangements will you put in place to communicate with students should the plan need to be implemented? What will you do to ensure that all students, regardless of their circumstances, are able to actively engage in discussions about implementing the plan? Every effort will be made to communicate clearly and equitably with all students. […]

Will you review the plan and how will you involve students?

We will review the plan and involve students in this process. We will review the plan during the termly course committee meetings which includes student representation. Students will have the opportunity to feedback to the committee any comments and suggestions to strengthen the plan and suggestions and comments taken to the Board of Trustees for […]

How will you communicate with Students about the Student Protection plan?

Along with the Institute’s complaints procedure and other relevant policies and information, the student protection plan is provided to students in their induction pack and students will be informed through the handbooks, the website and open evening which furnish prospective students with up to date information about the state of all courses in order for […]

What measures have been put in place to mitigate the risks?

Closure of the Institution In the unlikely event that the Institute closes mid-way through course delivery, IFT will invoke its ‘teach out’ plan to protect students, where alternative premises will be identified to complete courses. If there was a situation that threatened the existence of the Institute where this was not possible, IFT would approach […]

What is IFT’s current assessment of any risks?

In over 40 years as a training provider there has never been a situation in which a course at IFT has not been completed. Risks are monitored in the following areas that may impact on students if they were to come about: Changes to advertised courses Loss of Professional Accreditation Low financial performance Loss of […]

What is a student protection plan?

A student protection plan ensures that IFT is transparent and clear so that students are aware of measures that are in place to identify and mitigate any risks there may be in relation to the delivery of the Institute’s training programme. Of course different students have differing needs and circumstances, and the courses are also […]