What is the referral process?

Please telephone us so that we can take your referral.  When you decide to refer, our Service Administrator will take down some basic information and also find out your availability.  We currently have appointments Monday – Wednesday, late afternoon and evenings. Many of our referrals are self referrals but GP’s and other professionals may also […]

Location and accessibility

We are located at 1-4 Great Tower Street EC3R 5AA. Our number is 020 7391 9150. We have full disability access. The nearest tube stations are Monument and Tower Hill. The nearest Railway is Liverpool Street. There are several car parks nearby. The closest is Tower Hill which has disabled parking and is 4 minutes away from us.

What is the cost?

Payment is on a sliding scale dependent of income. We do not ask any details of your financial affairs but ask you to decide what is appropriate to pay.  Click here for the Fees Form

What happens if I am not happy with the service?

We hope that any concerns can be discussed with the therapist and that any problems can be resolved at an early informal stage. We welcome feedback from clients and would wish to do what we can to make the work more helpful. If issues remain unresolved the next step would be to speak with the […]

What if I want to attend on my own?

IFT has a particular focus on working with more than one person. This often helps things to move forward at a faster pace. During ongoing family and couple therapy we sometimes suggest members of the family or couple attend one or two sessions on their own. Occasionally individuals wish  to come to explore the possibility […]

Will the sessions be confidential?

Confidentiality will be discussed with you by the therapist at the first session. Sessions are confidential and we do not usually communicate with anyone outside the IFT unless requested by the client. Occasionally we may feel that it would be useful for some information to be shared and we will discuss this with you. However, […]

Will there be a choice of therapist?

Following a discussion with one of our clinical administrators you will be allocated to a therapist who we hope meets your needs. You will have an opportunity to state any important preferences (for example you may prefer a male or female therapist or one with a particular cultural background. We cannot guarantee to meet your […]

Are there any age limits?

There are no age limits. We work across the whole range of relationships including families with young children and adolescents. Our therapists are skilled in communicating with children of different ages. We also work with adult families and older couples. Sometimes adult brothers and sisters find it helpful to have a forum to talk about […]

How long will the therapy last and how frequent will appointments be?

This will be discussed with the therapist at the initial session. Sometimes clients only come for a few sessions but in some situations it may be more helpful to meet for longer. Clients can end the therapy at any time and some clients return at a later date for some further discussion about issues. There […]

What are the qualifications of the therapists?

Clinical Associates are in the final part of their advanced training in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy. They will already be qualified in another related profession and have extensive experience of working with families, couples and individuals in other settings (including the National Health Service). All Clinical Associates receive regular professional consultation and keep up to […]

Are there some people who you cannot see in your service?

Yes. The following are circumstances that mean we would need to signpost you to another service: CURRENT COURT PROCEEDINGS IFT does not currently have a court work service. We cannot offer you a therapeutic service if you are currently in court or have ongoing court proceedings that are unresolved. If you have a plan from […]