In order to maintain IFT’s relevance to professionals working with children and families in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors, courses reflect the changing demands of professional standards. IFT maintains close connections with professional workforce development teams to review and refresh courses. All students are given access to the Institute’s library where they can photocopy materials for their own use. There is open access to the continuous professional development programme.

Additionally students registered with the University of Bedfordshire on the Post Graduate Certificate have walk in access to the university library as well as the IFT library. Students enrolled on the MSc have walk in access to the University of Bedfordshire library, access to the IFT library and membership of Senate House library.

Students on validated courses have tutorials as part of the course standards.

IFT maintains a copyright licence that secures the provision of articles and texts to the agency-based training students. Tutors provide opportunities for group tutorials for assignments.