IFT courses are the standard course for preparing and training people to work in the NHS as family therapists either in Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) or Adult Mental Health Services. In order to apply for Family Therapy posts in the NHS, applicants must have successfully completed an MSc in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy course and be either UKCP registered or eligible for registration.

Successful completion of agency-based training courses enables students to progress into more senior positions in their agency or can be used as a transferable skill into other contexts and services in health and social care. This is often stated in the job descriptions as essential in order to become a senior manager in some agencies.

IFT’s continued relationship with major Local Authority Children’s Social Care agencies in London boroughs, shire counties and voluntary sector agencies ensures that courses reflect the needs of the workforces and remain both relevant and attractive as part of the ongoing development of staff. Frequent meetings refresh and secure such excellent and fruitful ongoing relationships.