This is dependent on individual circumstances, including the nature and stage of the course students are enrolled on. IFT has a Tuition Fees Policy which includes refunding fees and compensation. It can be found here:

The policy includes the following information to students in the following areas in relation to refunds and compensation in the event of an unexpected changes to courses or discontinuation by IFT:

  1. i) payment of additional travel costs for students directly affected by a change in the location of their course; ii) sponsorship monies; iii) any reasonable costs associated with attending the course that is withdrawn part way through delivery and it is not possible to secure alternative forms of delivery; iv) additional costs incurred by any student with a disclosed disability where additional compensation requirements might be required; and/or v) reasonable costs where students have to transfer courses or provider.

We currently have cash reserves of sufficient funds to provide for refunds and compensation as set out in the policy.