Courses have open evenings prior to the application process when tutors can explain the content of the courses, the professional and academic status and the process for application. Successful students have registration and induction days in which the course content is outlined in more detail as are the course requirements. For those progressing onto the MSc course, three introductory days provide the opportunity for refreshing major theories and orienting students to the higher level of study as well as creating the context for group learning. During these events, students meet their tutors and supervisors who will be responsible for both the academic and practice standards through their learning journey. Tutorials are built into the courses according to the level of study. For example, students on the MSc course engaged in the research dissertation receive 6 hours of individual tutorial time with their research supervisor. This is in addition to support for other activities and assessments.

Students enrolled on agency-based training courses receive half-day induction to set the context for their learning and to make explicit links with the agency professional workforce development teams. There are periodic meetings to review the learning. These students are routinely invited to activities delivered at the Institute’s central London premises.