What arrangements will you put in place to communicate with students should the plan need to be implemented? What will you do to ensure that all students, regardless of their circumstances, are able to actively engage in discussions about implementing the plan?

Every effort will be made to communicate clearly and equitably with all students. An initial invitation through email describing the change would be sent at the same time to all students, with dates and times available to meet as a cohort of any particular course with Directors to discuss the impact of any changes. This invitation will involve electronic access methods and at this meeting, personal invitations for a face-to-face discussion can be arranged given that individual circumstances will differ, and IFT’s response to particular needs and circumstances can be addressed. This can be with the course director, and / or Director of IFT, to enable a good understanding of the impact of the change on particular people, and to enable appropriate responses and offers of alternative provisions that are suitable and fitting to be given. Individual meetings will always be offered whether students can attend an initial meeting or not.