CPD News – December 2021

It will soon be holiday time and this is the last CPD news of the year! 

There is still time to book for John Burnham and Parveen Kaur’s supervision workshop on Friday 10th December.  SYSTEMIC SUPERVISION AND THE SOCIAL GGRRAAAACCEEEESSS….S: SHARING, CARING AND DARING TO BE CREATIVE. 

Sharing of knowledge; skills and experience is an important part of the supervisory relationship.  What people share and how people respond to sharing, can influence whether supervision creates a reflexive relationship between the participants. Building on the social ggrraacceeess, John and Parveen will explore creativity in supervision.  Do not miss it!  http://ift.org.uk/workshop/supervising-systemically-2021/

Many of you will remember Don Waisanen.  He presented at the CMM conference in 2019 and we Spotlighted his book ‘Improv for Democracy’ in June this year.  Don has written to let us all know that he has published an open-source book with Cambridge University Press, Leadership Standpoints, that may be of interest to us. He writes ‘It’s got a CMM / social justice-based approach to leadership. The best part is that, thanks to a generous grant from the New York Community Trust, it’s completely cost-free and can be downloaded here: https://www.cambridge.org/core/elements/leadership-standpoints/48157ADB77B96B0D18B1BD3771BC23F2 .’  Don asked us to share this in our newsletter. We invite you do take up this amazing offer.   

Coming attractions! We have some very interesting workshops coming up next year.  We can tell you about two of them.

On 24th and 25th February Nancy Boyd Franklin returns to IFT after a gap of a number of years.  Nancy is well known to IFT students, trainees and membership from her wonderful presentations on working with black families. She is a Black psychologist, family therapist, and a Distinguished Professor Emerita from Rutgers University in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP).  She is the author or co-author of seven books. 

Nancy has been working with a mixed reference group at IFT in order to ensure her workshop is of highest relevance here in the UK.  She is an acclaimed presenter, energizing and inspiring.  ADDRESSING RACIAL TRAUMA IN THERAPY WITH BLACK CLIENTS AND FAMILIES will address the issues of racial trauma and race-based traumatic stress experienced by many Black individuals and families in response to upsetting and traumatic incidents in their lives and those of their loved ones. She will cover how therapists and systemic practitioners of all levels can help address this urgent issue.

As Nancy will be zooming in from the US the workshop will run on 2 afternoons from 3pm to 6pm.  This is coming up in February 24th and 25th and is bookable now. 


Exactly one month later, on 24th and 25th March we are delighted to present Harlene Anderson on CREATING AND SUSTAINING GENERATIVE RELATIONSHIPS AND CONVERSATIONS.  Harlene is very well known in systemic practice as she, along with Harry Goolishian, introduced ‘not knowing’ into our vocabulary and our practice.  It was a profound turning point.

Harlene is the co-founder of collaborative-dialogic practice. She has served as an active steward of the collaborative-dialogic approach from 1980 to today, authoring several books and guiding collaborative-dialogic training organizations, conferences, and journals.

The workshop will focus on the what and how of Collaborative-dialogic Practice. Harlene will begin with an overview of the underlying assumptions and conceptual framework that informs the practice and its heart and spirit–the therapist’s philosophical stance. She will then show its application.  

Again, as she will be zooming in from the US, the workshop will run on two afternoons from 3 pm to 6 pm.  http://ift.org.uk/workshop/creating-and-sustaining-generative-relationships-and-conversations/. 

Book now! 

Signing off…

This will be the last CPD news to come from me, as I will be leaving my post at the Institute on 14th December.  I have had the most wonderful time in this fabulous place.  I trained here at IFT, completing in 1992.  In 1997 I came back as a sessional teacher and in 2005 was appointed to the permanent staff.  I have held a number of roles here and was lucky to have worked under the excellent leadership of Barry Mason and Barbara McKay and to have had some amazingly talented colleagues and collaborators over the years, many of whom are now friends.  IFT has been my home for a long time and I am going to miss the comradery of the very supportive staff admin team, especially my close colleague and stalwart support Angela Vanriel, the CPD administrator, and Nadia Tosic our Director of Operations. We have shared a lot and have some amazing memories. This year has been particularly difficult for our profession with a number of very significant losses, not least our Barry.  Nevertheless it feels there is optimism in the air, in spite of Omicron and what it may bring, there is renewed enthusiasm for new growth and new directions.

I will be concentrating on my independent practice and hope to do some more writing. I will still be connected with the Institute through some sessional work.  I want to extend my heartfelt  thanks to all of the CPD presenters over the past years and to all of you who have supported the programme and helped the Institute grow.  The Institute is all of us and I know it will continue to go from strength to strength. The CPD programme will be overseen by Rachel Watson our current Director.  I know Rachel has some exciting innovations in mind and will be in touch in the new year with invitations to inspiring new ventures. So watch this space!!

Meanwhile have a wonderful seasonal break with all good wishes to you and yours in this holiday season.

Chip Chimera

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