Creating inclusive conversations: Social Care and Multiple Relationships

This workshop provides a golden opportunity to hear about new developments and reinvigorate the use of systemic ideas in your work in social care or the voluntary sector. It is relevant for all levels of work. Three of the presenters are directly from social care organisations which are committed to getting the most up to date and innovative practice into the field.  The other two are highly experienced in introducing systemic ideas to organisations at all levels from front line workers to senior management.  You will get a chance to meet with other practitioners in facilitated discussion groups and to sample systemic ideas that have been honed in practice.  The facilitators are all embedded in social care practice.  This one day workshop replaces the three day one we had hoped to provide this year before Covid 19 intervened. Look out for that conference which will take place next year.  We have reduced the price to make this workshop accessible to as many people as possible.  For block bookings please contact our workshops administrator Angela Vanriel at

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