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CPD News from IFT – some snug winter warmers coming up! 

Those of you who received the February Context this weekend will have seen the back cover with the list of our 2021 spring programme. We are confident that there will be something for everyone.  

An opportunity not to be missed! Coming up fast is the very popular workshop by Arlene Vetere and Rudi Dallos on Attachment Narrative Therapy starting on 25th February.  Unusually there are still a few spaces left so if you have been meaning to do this, please don’t miss this chance. http://ift.org.uk/workshop/arlene-vetere-and-rudi-dallos-a-4-day-course/. 

Our programme to date has been appreciatively received. Taiwo Afuape led the programme for the year with her workshop on a systemic approach to trauma.  Some comments from participants…

  • I really appreciate the clarity in which Taiwo presented her thinking and the connection she made between different aspects of theory and practice. 
  • I found aspects absolutely inspirational – how she worked in a school to help the most criticised and marginalised young people to establish their role as Wellbeing Champions.
  • The knowledge and approach of the trainer was really welcoming and interesting.

January also saw the introduction of our first Communities of Practice short courses with the first of 4 sessions on Eating disorders, led by Viv Gross on the self-care of the workers.  This was followed by Tom Jewell on 9 February, examining attachment and eating disorders.  These were both greatly appreciated.  

  • This was really well organised and facilitated, excellent balance of Viv speaking and group exercises. This was my first IFT workshop and I’m already looking forward to the next three.

There is still time to book for the last two in the series on 22 February and 16 March.  


We have also started the series on working in Tier 4 Adolescent Units, led off by John Burnham and Ellen Lovell last week presenting ‘From Aaargh to Ah-ha’.  Hannah Sherbersky is up next on 12th March with ‘Subverting the System’.  


We have started a series of book ‘Spotlights’ for recent publications and have now undertaken two of these: 

Long Term Systemic Therapy and

Building Children’s Resilience in the Face of Parental Mental Illness. 

Both of these have brought ‘experts by experience’ as contributors to the content of the books.  In the former several of the authors included the direct input of people with whom they have worked.  In the latter one the young people themselves as well as some parents were present and spoke with eloquence and dignity of the experiences written about in the chapters they have written.  Professionals who are working with young people in the ‘Our Time’ programme were also present as contributors to this important book.  It was an inspiring evening. Look out for a short course in September and October of six evening sessions based on Building Children’s Resilience.  

We are planning more of these free events to celebrate recent publications.  Next up is Rudi Dallos with Don’t Blame the Parents on 11th March.  http://ift.org.uk/workshop/dont-blame-the-parents/

This will be followed by The Handbook of Black Community Mental Health in May featuring our own Karen Carberry and others.  Then in June we will have Gwyn Daniel and her fascinating Family Dramas: Intimacy Power and Systems in Shakespeare’s Tragedies.  

You have asked for more on couples and we are happy that Reenee Singh and Janet Reibstein will be with us on 19th March. http://ift.org.uk/workshop/the-intercultural-exeter-model-constructing-couple-connections-across-divides/

You have asked for more on supervision and Karen Partridge will be with us on 26th March, not to be missed.  http://ift.org.uk/workshop/supervision-as-improvisation-in-the-swampy-lowlands/

You have asked for more on engaging hard to reach youth and their families. Hendrix Hammond and Derek Nesseri are back on 5th March.  Developing culturally sensitive practices to engage marginalised groups  See their 2 minute video here Developing culturally sensitive practices to engage marginalised groups. Hendrix will also be presenting Systemic work in Schools with Juma Woodhouse again on 23rd April. This is another chance to attend this very popular workshop.  http://ift.org.uk/workshop/systemic-work-in-schools/

Later in the year we will also be welcoming back our international presenters. Matthew Selekman, Karl Tomm and Paolo Bertrando will all be joining us later in the year.  We will get notices out as soon as possible. 

We love feedback about our workshops:  what works for you, what CPD is needed and in what kind of format.  We think you like the events to be shorter on the day but spread over a number of days.  We know you love the breakout rooms and that we all need  regular zoom breaks.  Zoom allows this affordance and it is minimally disruptive to work life to have shorter sessions over more time. We are also able to offer some courses and workshops in the evening.  Please do let us know what you would like from us. 

We are confident that at some point later in the year we will be able to meet together in the same room. We hope to be able to incorporate online learning with the social experience in some way.  Meanwhile we will continue bringing the best of systemic practice your way in the online zoom format.  

We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you soon.

Chip Chimera and Angela Vanriel, 

The CPD Team at IFT

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