IFT Co-director job opportunity

Co-Director – Job Share (3 days a week)

An exciting opportunity has arisen to share an increase in capacity in the post of Director of the Institute of Family Therapy (IFT), the leading independent family therapy organisation in the UK.

Alongside the current Director, the post holder will be responsible for renewing and refreshing IFT’s activities. This decision to increase leadership capacity coincides with the relocation of IFT’s London office to its new premises in the City of London, transformations in our staff team, and our reconfiguration of activities in response to current events, including developing our existing Agency-Based training portfolio. We are currently reminded of our pledge to oppose racism and hate, and IFT is privileging issues of diversity and inclusion and actively developing the Institute in fulfilling its potential to extend the systemic profession in this area.

We are seeking an experienced, enthusiastic, energetic leader to work with our current director to sustain IFT into the future whilst honouring its 40 years of experience in systemic training.

If this is you, please send your cv with a covering letter explaining why you want to apply for the post, and what skills and knowledge you would bring, to:

Nadia Tosic, Director of Operations at nadia@ift.org.uk

Interview dates: 20th and 21st July 2020

Closing date: mid-day 10th July

  • Title of Post: Director
  • Accountable to: The Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Salary:  £80,000 pa pro rata

Overall Purpose

To maintain the Institute as a leading organisation in the field of family therapy and systemic practice, and thereby;

  • Identify, develop, and agree with Council, the vision and strategic direction for the organisation;
  • Implement the objectives for achieving that vision set with the Board of Trustees;
  • Lead and manage the organisation in collaboration with the current Director to ensure smooth strategic planning and running of the Institute.
  • To privilege issues of diversity and inclusion and to actively develop the Institute in fulfilling its potential to extend the systemic profession in its response to issues of power and difference.


  • To share overall leadership responsibility for the complete range of activities within the Institute with the current Director.
  • To take a lead on one broad aspect of activity, for example in-house courses, or Agency-Based Training. 


  • To work with the Board of Trustees to set the strategic direction of the Institute, to draw up an annual business plan and budget, and to maintain a suitable framework of operating policies;
  • To work with the Board of Trustees to identify key risks and plans to mitigate them;
  • To implement decisions made by the Board of Trustees;
  • To report to the Board of Trustees on the Institute’s progress through performance data and other means;
  • To make recommendations to the Board of Trustees about the Institute’ work and direction;
  • To work with the Chair to ensure that Council functions effectively;
  • To attend General Meetings, Trustee Meetings, the Finance & General Purposes Committee and such other sub-groups of the Board as required.


  • To have overall management responsibility for the Institute, so as to provide leadership and support to the staff, and ensure their work is properly managed and appraised, and kept under review;
  • To have line management responsibility for the members of the Senior Management Team [see structure chart];
  • To have overall responsibility for the finances, the management of which is delegated to the Director of Operations, so as to ensure that finances of the Institute are stable, and that all commitments are met within budget.                          


  • To maintain a policy framework suitable for the effective running of the Institute, so as to ensure that the Institute’s policies on all matters, including complaints, confidentiality, data protection, safeguarding & domestic abuse, ethics, employment, health & safety, and finance, are fit for purpose and fall within current legislation;
  • to ensure the implementation and review of acceptable financial procedures;
  • to ensure that the Institute maintains suitable insurance.

External Relationships: Partnerships and Promotion

  • To establish effective relationships with members, external bodies, all stakeholders, the public and the media;
  • To develop and maintain strategic alliances & partnerships in particular those with other professional, academic and regulatory institutions;
  • To take the lead role in maintaining and negotiating developments between the Institute and its validating University partner;
  • To be the main public face of the Institute, including representing the organisation in media relations;
  • To seek external funds to support both specific projects and the general work of the Institute, where this is appropriate.

Teaching & Lecturing

To contribute directly to the Institute’s programme of teaching & lecturing and thereby

  • To have overall responsibility for the agency based training in other parts of the United Kingdom;
  • To have overall responsibility for the agency based training overseas; 
  • To develop other agency based training programmes in the UK and overseas;
  • To teach on other programmes organised by the Institute of Family Therapy, as required.   

Ethics, Complaints and Equal Opportunities

  • To ensure that the Ethics policy is regularly updated as per developments in the field;
  • To have overall responsibility for the Complaints procedure;                                                                                                 
  • To ensure that Equality & Diversity issues are regularly monitored and evaluated.

Other Responsibilities

  • To maintain and develop the membership base of the Institute;
  • To carry out other such appropriate duties as and when required.

Person Specification

Essential Qualifications

  • Education to postgraduate degree standard or equivalent
  • To be registered as a psychotherapist with UKCP or an equivalent body
  • To be registered, or eligible for registration, as a clinical supervisor with AFT

Skills and Experience

  • At least 6 years relevant post-qualifying experience
  • At least 2 years experience in a leadership role
  • To have high level skills in management with proven ability to manage staff and delegate effectively
  • Ability to initiate, develop and implement strategy, thereby developing ideas as a strategic thinker.
  • Understanding of financial management
  • To have high level skills in training in family and systemic psychotherapy
  • To have good negotiation skills
  • To be able to take initiative and responsibility for one’s own work and to also work as a member of a team
  • To have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • To have strong administrative skills 
  • To have good IT skills including use of Microsoft Office software and internet use
  • To have an understanding of legal matters in relation to the Institute.
  • To be able to write for publication
  • ·Excellent self-presentation, energy and enthusiasm
  • Ability to work under pressure and a willingness to work flexible hours 
  • An understanding of, and a commitment to, diversity issues

Other Qualities/Requirements

  • To be available to travel and work both within the United Kingdom and overseas
  • To be available to work flexible hours on occasion including evenings

Desirable Qualifications

  • A management qualification

Skills and Experience

  • Writing for publication
  • Experience of managing a substantial budget

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