The Institute of Family Therapy and Frontline

Over the past three years the Institute of Family Therapy has constructed and delivered systemic courses embedded in the Frontline Masters in Social Work. This has been an interesting period in IFT’s development and consolidated the status of our institute as a leading systemic training partner in social care contexts.

IFT has been associated with Cohorts 1 and 2 in the Frontline programme which has included Foundation and Intermediate level systemic training. This contract reaches its completion in summer 2017 with Cohort 2 students completing their Intermediate level course which forms the masters’ year in social work.

Students who have studied the systemic option for the Intermediate year have given excellent feedback and several students from Cohort 1 have chosen to continue their systemic journey through the MSc in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy. This is a welcome development as those students will contribute to a growing body of systemic practitioners and therapists in social care environments. We anticipate that there will be a similar level of interest from Cohort 2 students for further training.

Frontline has now taken all courses in house from Cohort 3 onwards and IFT will no longer participate in construction or delivery.

This has been an exciting time for all of us involved in the course and we will continue to enjoy our time with the students as they work towards course completion.

Dr Barbara McKay, Director

January 2017

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