Therapeutic Activism

Therapeutic Activism.  Monday 11th October, 9:30 to 4:30, IFT Zoom

Join Charlotte Burck, Gillian Hughes, Gwyn Daniel and Belinda Milani for this crucial workshop to keep psychotherapeutic knowledges and social justice approaches connected and find spaces in your own practice for therapeutic activism.

Charlotte and Gillian will share what the Refugee Resilience Collective has learnt through drawing on systemic, narrative and liberation psychology ideas to offer collective resilience based support which keeps the political central. We aim to generate discussion about keeping psychotherapeutic knowledges and social justice approaches connected.

Belinda and Gwyn will discuss processes involved in conversations with the team in Gaza – all of whom live and work under conditions of extreme oppression, danger, suffering and uncertainty – and the team in the UK, engaging from a position of relative safety.

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Chimera, C. (2013) Getting our mojo working – the magic of action methods therapy through a neuroscience looking glass.  Context 126, April 2013 Dring, G.J.

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