Marie Otton

Social Worker and Systemic Family Psychotherapist

Marie holds a BSC in Sociology and a MSC in Social Work and Family and Systemic Psychotherapy. She is currently working in an inner London borough as a Clinical Practitioner in Children’s Services. Marie has worked as a Social Worker in several inner London boroughs for over ten years, spanning areas such as residential, Looked After Children and Child Protection. Prior to this Marie worked in various youth services for over nine years, where she founded and Co-Directed her own youth voluntary organisation. Marie is very passionate about families and she is very skilled at working with young people and families that can be more difficult to engage. She is also very passionate about her community and combating social justice and she has been part of many movements such as the Justice For Grenfell movement. Outside of work Marie enjoys art work, meditation, yoga and attending marches that fight for the rights of those who are marginalised in society.