Now that pandemic restrictions are lifted we want to offer the opportunity to come together and show how Barry’s influence has impacted and continues to impact on our lives and our systemic world

Peter Lang

“If in doubt go slowly” Peter Lang

Richard McKenny

Richard McKenny is articulate, erudite and professional. I always learn a lot.

rachel watson

Rachel and Lynne have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Nick Pendry

Nick’s clarity and passion about his subject is infectious.

Gerrilyn Smith

Many of my colleagues would benefit from the learning/knowledge for themselves and clients.

Gerrilyn Smith

Excellent, engaging inspiring with practical applications

Gerrilyn Smith Workshop

I have more knowledge, more passion, feel I am on the right path with what I do – lots more to learn

Gerrilyn Smith Workshop

This workshop has made me think about my work environment and the need to change to make more room for being active

Arlene Vetere and Jan Cooper Testimonial

Family violence is a vexing social problem that cannot be solved with one-size-fits-all theories or styles of practice. The approach described here addresses the painful complexity of these issues with moral clarity and psychological humanity.

Workshop Testimonial

Presenters were really engaging and accessible, a real sense of equality which gives me a lot of confidence.

Workshop testimonial

Enjoyable, entertaining. Very interesting ideas discussed particularly between presenters.

Workshop testimonial

Amazing presenters, wit, and knowledge that is realistic and applicable to both supervision and client work – priceless!