Coping With the Effects of Stress on Relationships

Stress can come into family and /or couple life in many different ways, such as resulting from infidelity, financial pressures, the impact of discrimination or loss. We can help families explore and address the impact of stress on their lives, their identities and their relationships.

It is likely that all family members will have been affected by the stressful experience within the family in different ways, even if they have not been directly affected by it. We work to help family members regain balance and wellbeing and counter the effects of anxiety, low mood and low esteem that stress can create.

The family systemic approach takes into account transgenerational issues and the ways in which stress, ways of coping and patterns of behaviour can get passed down the generations. Stress might also emerge out of the experience of being marginalised, discriminated against and / or excluded. Our approach aims to support family members/couples to challenge oppression, break unhelpful patterns and discover a new way of being together.

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