Lgbtq+ Family and Couple Issues

IFT is passionate about inclusivity and social justice in its works with families and couples from diverse backgrounds, gender identities and sexual orientations.

Our practitioners are committed to understanding gender and sexual diversity and challenging oppression, marginalisation and heteronormative assumptions

Our ethical practice focuses on the rights of people to express their sexuality and gender identity and to challenge harmful and oppressive attitudes, behaviours, and institutions. We actively oppose practices that erode people’s basic human rights and human dignity. In addition, the Association of Family Therapy (our accrediting body) is a signatory to the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy in the UK, which actively opposes and seeks to see an end to any approach, model or individual viewpoint demonstrating an assumption that any sexual orientation or gender identity is inherently preferable to any other, and which attempts to bring about a fundamental change in who a person naturally is because of this oppressive assumption. Ethical practice requires the practitioner to have adequate knowledge of human development and at IFT we acknowledge the broad spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities and gender expressions. Our clinical associates have achieved cultural competence in working with gender and sexually diverse clients and our therapy upholds the highest ethical standards.

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