Meeting the Challenges of Life Cycle Changes

Transition points in families, such as the birth of a baby, children leaving home or divorce, separation and significant life events, can leave the family in a state of uncertainty and anxiety.

A family systemic therapy approach can help with connections and understanding so that everyone’s needs can be expressed, recognised and responded to, at times of stress.

Life cycle changes are inevitable. Being prepared for them is not and they affect all of us differently. Some are predictable, such as growing older. Others are not, such as redundancy, illness, and loss.

Sometimes our circumstances and contexts change beyond our control and we may be impacted on by forms of societal oppression such as racism, poverty and other forms of societal harm which impact on our daily life as the graphic below based on Carter and McGoldrick illustrates

At IFT we can help families to address the challenges they face today and prepare for those they may face in the future.

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