IFT Ways of Working

The IFT Ways of Working outline how we try to live out our values together and our invitation to those who join and/ or work with IFT to do the same. By outlining our expectations and hopes for how

we are with each other, we want to create a working environment that promotes the importance of justice, relationships and hope.

This framework is for IFTstaff, students, teachers, trainees and colleagues alike, and all people at every level of the organisation.



    We recognise the impact of institutional forms of oppression, marginalisation and social disadvantage on families and strive to name, confront and challenge them


    We are constantly striving to look at and address our own short comings through continually seeking, and acting on, feedback from families, trainees, teachers and staff


    We insist on kindness, inclusion and respect for each other, with respect to action, intention and language, in line with IFT's core values. We are not afraid to admit our mistakes and make amends



    We communicate with sensitivity, clarity, and appreciation, and value building positive relationships. We strive to have equal commitment to both listening and speaking


    We value co-working, co-production and collaborative ways of working, learning and practicing, that centralises the voices of the most marginalised


    We strive to create a happy learning community where, diverse forms of knowledge are respected and included, we ask challenging questions and encourage critical reflection and we move beyond comfort in order to grow



    We know another world is possible and we hope to support people to challenge the oppressive and difficult aspects of their lives using relationships as a resource


    We hope that family therapy and systemic practice can transform people's relationships and circumstances for the better


    We hope that an understanding of how oppression impacts our lives and the development of inclusive and equitable relationships and institutions, becomes common place