Foundation Courses

The Institute aims to help embed systemic thinking and practice in agencies working with children, adolescents, older adults and families across a wide spectrum of contexts.

We will tailor the course to meet the practice needs of the agency.

Key information

  • Targeted to agency requirements
  • Focus on skill development
  • Embeds systemic thinking
  • Meets AFT standards

We offer a range of introductory courses tailored to the needs of your workforce. A foundation course which is recognised by the Association for Family Therapy (AFT) is required to consist of 60 hours of face to face training delivered over 15 days. However, we recognise that not all agencies will wish to equip their workforce with the full foundation training. Therefore we have devised several courses which meet the agencies need for the introduction of solid skills and techniques and can also be built upon to extend learning to the full foundation level.

A 5 day introduction to systemic practice. This course equips practitioners with the basic skills of systemic interviewing and a foundational systemic understanding of how human dilemmas emerge and are sustained. The focus is on practice skills aimed at changing unhelpful patterns with a basic foundation of key systemic theory. Typically participants are expected to attend all 5 days, to create a short journal of learning , and to make a 20 minute presentation to the group of their application of learning to practice.

For those who wish to deepen their knowledge and learning …
A 10 day course which builds on the 5 days can be provided for those who have successfully completed the 5 days and wish to achieve a recognised foundation training in systemic practice. The 10 days added to the 5 days already completed form the 15 day Foundation training recommended by AFT. The focus is on the further development of skills and the embedding of key theoretical knowledge. Participants are required to complete a log of 25 hours of direct practice and an essay of 3,000 words as well as 80% attendance.

These are high quality and well recognised courses which increase the range of skills and enhance the practice of the workforce.

We also offer the 15 day foundation course in one integrated package.

It is also possible to devise bespoke courses to meet your agency’s requirements.

Tailored to Meet Your Need

  • 5 day course
  • 10 day course
  • 15 day course
  • Specific skills for your workforce
  • Emphasis on reflexivity and change