Coping With the Aftermath of Violence or Abuse

When violence or abuse occurs in families relationships, it can leave a legacy of pain, mistrust and relational disruptions.

At IFT we can work with the aftermath of violence/abuse following safeguarding interventions, when there is no risk and people want help with the ongoing implications of it in the family.

Violence and abuse can take many forms, some of them unseen and unacknowledged. The impact on people in the family can be profound affecting their future choices and expectations of life.

Being able to talk about what has previously been unspeakable and allowing all voices to be heard in itself begins the therapeutic process. It is likely that all family members will have been affected by the abuse of power within the family even if they have not been directly targeted. We work to help family members to address the impact of violence and abuse on their sense of self and relationships and counter the effects of shame, anxiety and low mood

The systemic approach takes into account transgenerational issues, as well as the impact on family members of power within the family and power in society.

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