Mission & Vision


We strive to:

  • develop a diverse community of people who are passionate about how systemic ideas can create personal, interpersonal and social solutions

  • use our active and international community to develop and deliver high quality, responsive and cutting edge therapy, teaching and training to people in any setting

  • contextualise people’s difficulties, strengthen relationships and promote a more just, equitable and inclusive society


For family therapy and systemic practice to:

  • support all people to challenge the oppressive and difficult aspects of their lives using relationships as resources

  • transform people’s relationships and circumstances for the better

  • ensure that an understanding of how oppression impacts our lives and the development of inclusive and equitable relationships and institutions, is common place

Values and purpose

IFT values:

  • providing therapy for individuals, couples and families, and using systemic ideas to work with larger systems (such as organisations and schools) and intervening at different levels of context

  • promoting the systemic approach as a world-view, a set of practices, and a way of addressing social inequality; i.e. a force for transformation rather than conformity

  • meaningful inclusion and ‘diversity’ of peoples, ideas and interventions, that actively seeks the views, knowledge and expertise of the most marginalised

  • finding creative alternatives to the traditional ways of operating that are continuing to fail communities, shrink our imaginations and hamper our ability to meaningfully progress our profession