Issues Arising Out of Illness and Disability

When a family member lives with a disability or develops an unexpected life-changing illness every member of the family is impacted on by the change.

Family members may undergo a process of adjustment that may have several stages and may not be the same for each member or go at the same pace.

In these times a family systemic approach can be essential to help with the process of coming to terms with the new situation. Often families can be supported to access strengths they were previously unaware of having. Often a time of upheaval and crisis can result in the discovery of resources as yet untapped.

When things seem very difficult we can help families face the challenges of illness and disability whilst acknowledging the difficulties and harnessing creative potential within the family.

When families face the loss of their hoped for future there can be a period of grieving for the way things were before and the way they hoped things would be. Coming to terms with the present and moving forward to a new future is a challenging task that can at times be faced differently by each person in the family, not just the person who is directly affected.

Having a safe therapeutic space in which to explore the many different and difficult emotions that can arise in response to illness and disability, can help families to adjust, cope and continue to thrive.

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