Consultation and Supervision

At the Institute we have a team of highly experienced systemic consultants who work with groups and individuals in their work settings to deliver specific supervision and consultation that focuses on the dilemmas staff are facing within their work base.

The consultation and supervision enables participants to use systemic, social constructionist and educational theories to understand their practice and their organisational dilemmas. The focus is on the application of sound theoretical frameworks, transforming theory into clear practical and transferable skills across multiple contexts.

Key information

  • Builds on local knowledge
  • Intensive support for learning
  • Theory into practice focus
  • Targeted to specific needs

IFT recognises the extensive knowledge, experience and skills that participants bring and seeks to build on these and the practice wisdom which emerges from the local environment. The knowledge we apply emerges from multiple theoretical sources. By creating a context in which ideas can be developed, enriched and reinvigorated, we offer conditions for curiosity and critique to flourish as part of the process.

We pay particular attention to ways of working that meet the needs of marginalised client groups. Attention to issues of privilege, power and difference and the promotion and development of anti-discriminatory practice are central to the course philosophy and permeate all aspects of the teaching.

Participants are supported in their aspirations for learning and self-development; we value different learning styles and develop skills through a variety of approaches, as appropriate, which may include small group work, didactic teaching, learning logs, role play, peer and tutor feedback and the supervision of supervision. The knowledge and skills development that is central to our consultation can be applied across multiple contexts. However great emphasis is placed on the application of theory in situated practice.