Re-building Relationships After Traumatic Events

Drawing on a resilience and strength based approach a systemic approach can help families and couples recover and re-align themselves in positive and life affirming ways.

At IFT we recognise how adverse experiences can impact on individual, intimate and family relationships in many ways, some of which can be predicted, many of which cannot. In addition, we understand that trauma is often linked to forms of oppression

Trauma can occur at an individual, family, group or societal level. We understand the impact on the self and relationships following the experience of deeply distressing and devastating experiences. Trauma can result from a deeply shocking, sudden, upsetting or surprising experience or it can result from living in a society that is unjust and unequal, such as the trauma that can result from harm, financial hardship and struggle, discrimination, interpersonal violence, and oppression Repeated exposure to covert and overt discrimination, such as racism, sexism or homophobia can impact our sense of self and relationships with others Family systemic therapy is an evidenced based approach to the impact of trauma which aims to help people challenge oppression, connect to their strength, draw on their resources and build better connections with others.

Whenever people are harmed they resist, therefore family systemic therapy is also concerned with people’s creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, resistance and hope, whilst acknowledging people’s pain and fatigue in response to trauma.


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