Action Learning Sets

Action learning sets are an approach to the introduction of change and new development based on core values and goals.

We will work with senior staff and key change agents within your organisation to devise bespoke action learning sets for your organisation utilising theoretically proven systemic tools.

Key information

  • Develop leadership
  • Initiate change
  • Apply sound systemic theory
  • Tackle organisational challenges
  • Based on your core values
  • A lasting frame for organisational development

Working together with your team of innovators our action learning sets provide a vital means of organisational renewal. Using proven systemic principles our instructors work alongside your team to develop leadership potential and accomplishments. This approach employs critical thinking and reflection as central to achieving the set aims.

In action learning small groups work on real organisational challenges in action and learning while they do so.Action and learning are inextricably reflexively connected. The process of reflection allows for growth and the implementation of change at local and organisational level.

Recognising that there may be many possible solutions to an organisations practice dilemmas, our action learning sets offer opportunities to explore potential avenues of change in action. A small group of passionate learners together with interested colleagues and peers work together to harness potential and create options for the implementation of unique and highly relevant solutions to your particular circumstances.


  • Targeted
  • Local
  • Change oriented
  • Sustainable