Cut the cr*p: Language, Risks and Relationships in Systemic Therapy

All relationships contain some element of risk. This workshop concerns the use of language in both therapy and supervision, and how it contributes to the necessary risk-taking that will be a part of therapists’ and supervisors’ repertoires. The ways in which we create a safe enough context in therapy, through the uses of language as well as non-linguistic means, are the crucial elements in our endeavours as supervisors and therapists.

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Gross, V. & Goldin, J. (2008) Dynamics and Dilemmas in Working with Families in Inpatient CAMHS. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry Hildebrand, J. & Markovic,

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We are pleased to announce that IFT has formed a ‘twinning’ relationship with The Bouverie Centre, Melbourne. The Bouverie Centre is the leading family therapy

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Agency Based Training at IFT

Agency based training has become a significant pathway for the Institute to share systemic ideas and practices with Social Care and Health professionals. Since the

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