Standing up for Adolescents Against Covid 19 workshop introduction from Matthew

Although the pandemic itself is subsiding it has left a wake of mental health difficulties for our adolescents and their families. With his blend of originality and enthusiasm Matthew Selekman returns for two afternoons of inspiration for working in these challenging times.  Once we start to view COVID-19 as an  opportunity for both us and our clients, the sky becomes the limit for the endless openings it can afford us. We should never underestimate how resourceful, resilient, and creative our clients have been in their own efforts to cope with and prevent themselves from falling prey to COVID-19.

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IFT Members Publications

Gross, V. & Goldin, J. (2008) Dynamics and Dilemmas in Working with Families in Inpatient CAMHS. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry Hildebrand, J. & Markovic,

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IFT connections ‘down under’

We are pleased to announce that IFT has formed a ‘twinning’ relationship with The Bouverie Centre, Melbourne. The Bouverie Centre is the leading family therapy

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Agency Based Training at IFT

Agency based training has become a significant pathway for the Institute to share systemic ideas and practices with Social Care and Health professionals. Since the

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